Secrets You Will Never Know About Tucson Ac Repair

measure of how much cooling power could you get out of what pounds a ton of ice now the modern refrigeration industry borrowed that term and nowadays we think in terms of a is a ton of cooling all right so let’s see what you got here you have a ton system tons is that a lot well the amount of cooling power you need is a function of the load of the building and there’s some variables how much insulation is inside the walls what type of windows are the storm.

windows how big is the building and where’s the building how hot does it get on the hottest day of the year I will tell you a rule of thumb for me around here with a building like this I would expect to see a ton of cooling needed for every to square feet how big is this house mine’s only so there’s a chance we needed only like a two and a half ton and this is a four now you ordered the system urgency right yeah the guy that put it in said it would be.

plenty big plenty big we hear this all the time over sizing is one of the biggest issues in air conditioning because if you’re too big it just doesn’t work it’ll freeze up like yours did we want to make sure the size of this unit is just right for the hottest data and no more in this case we’re way too big well then what should we do well we could put an addition on about square foot addition on the back think the whites would like that we got to.

Think what we can do today new ac unit Tucson and I think today what we’re going to do is make this equipment go away put the right size stuff in that’s a pretty big job when you’re working with air conditioning you have to deal with refrigerant the refrigerant is sometimes a liquid sometimes it’s a gas what you never want to do.

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