Sex after Vasectomy Reversal

Obviously the whole point of having a vasectomy reversal is to give you back your fertility so that you can make a baby just like we were all designed. But after reversal, how does the surgery impact on sex? Obviously it takes some time to heal after the surgery. You should talk to your reversal doctor about specific precautions, restrictions and instructions. And you have to avoid any sexual activity for 14 days after the surgery to let the delicate reconnection sites gain enough strength. But once you’re cleared to begin sexual activity, experts say that you should not have any problems or issues with sexual function or performance.

Many men are worried that surgery to reconnect the vas can somehow interfere with erections and cause erectile dysfunction. When you look at where the surgery is performed in the body, and you look at where the nerves and blood vessels are located that cause erections, it becomes very clear that they are near each other but really not an issue.

In order to maximize your sperm counts so that you can father children, reversal doctors will tell you that it’s important to ejaculate only once every 24 to 48 hours when you were trying to conceive. This will allow time for the sperm production system to “resupply the pipes” so you can be putting out enough sperm. Since most of what comes out of a man is not sperm but rather support fluids from the prostate and seminal vesicles, so you really can’t judge how well you read supplied your sperm counts without a formal laboratory semen analysis.

After a vasectomy reversal most men feel great and have no pain or discomfort during sex. Occasionally, some men will describe blood tinged semen after a reversal but that usually passes quickly and is not a concern Because most women will be very eager to get pregnant soon after the reversal, men often describe a period of time when they have a great sex life. It is important to make sure that you stay relaxed and have fun.

Talk to your doctor so that you have clear understanding of when you can begin sexual activity after your reversal and for any instructions to improve your chances for conception and having your baby.

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