Ideas To Organize Your Own Reverse Vasectomy

vasectomy they Reverse Vasectomy Price covered vasectomy reversals up to $, literally fell on the floor like crying it was like so emotional because I thought for so long I was never gonna get to have another baby so my husband came home from work and I showed him the paperwork that came from.

The insurance company and we were so excited I’m like well let’s not get too excited this might not be exactly what we’re reading so the next day we called and in fact it was what we thought it was so our consultation with the surgeon was in November and we were scheduled for his vasectomy reversal January January th so that’s really when I started like watching.

lot of videos here on YouTube trying to find other couples that had vasectomy reversals because I didn’t know what to expect I didn’t know like how how his recovery was gonna be like what other people’s success rates were and I just had all these questions and so I was just looking all over YouTube trying to find similar stories and I think I only found like two and maybe.

I just wasn’t looking in the right places maybe there are a lot of them but that’s when I was like okay I want to document like my experience so there if there’s somebody else that’s going through the same thing they can you know hear what my experience was anyways so my husband had his surgery the doctor said that it went really well and six weeks after his surgery he had his sperm analysis and the doctor.

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