Ten Ugly Truth About Mover

My Michigan engineering degree go work for Apple fora couple years learn some stuff and then I do I go to the startup thing and about sophomore year I realized that there was whole ton of money and mentor ship and people willing to help if you just raise your hand and say hey I want to I want to get started and we knew nonthinking when we got started literally remade so many mistakes and I’ll walkabout a lot of those but like it’s-really important to kind of get started so I I write k and double credits because that was the genesis.

of my very first company we got grand from rpm ventures here in town convinced my two of my buddies to stay the summer we started a company called campus roost and we were also getting credits for working on it so pretty unique set of circumstances that I think the University offered so let’s talk about campus roost so you guys are familiar with campus leasing I put November thump there because that is the day that the leasing opens up and typically everyone will wait outside the houses are landlords they.

want to work with so they get the best house and I don’t know if that still happens today but it was huge problem when I was an undergrad we started campus service to solve that so we made an online leasing solution for students they could come in see all the properties on campus with a few clicks signed them and their buddies up basically stayed that summer to work on that business and the model was really unique we actually worked with international student groups to help place international students.

coming interrogator so I remember this in the first month or two of the summer we were half her time coding half the time I was putting a suit on running around in carburetor getting all the landlords to signup to our platform and then the third of the time working with the international student groups so that when students were getting those first emails.


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