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Are you in need of some timeshare relief but have had no luck on the resale market?

Then it may be time for you to evaluate some new options for getting rid of your timeshare.

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Get Rid Of Your Timeshare Today!

It is a commonly believed fact that 1 or 2 timeshare owners are attempting to find paths to gain timeshare relief. It is perhaps because of that circumstance that varied companies making an attempt to help timeshare owners who are seeking for relief were established. The corporations are timeshare re-sellers, timeshare renters, and timeshare transfer companies. Either company can assist you in setting yourself free of the contract you are in the way most handy for you. What you have got to do is to establish which way is the best for you in terms of safety and promptness in delivering you out of your timeshare contract.

Selling Your Timeshare

If you are made a decision to sell the vacation package, the best company to approach is a timeshare re-seller. Such firms can help you determine the proper price for your timeshare, market the property, and process the transfer of the contract from you to the buyer. The hardest part for them is finding a potential consumer. Not too many folks are willing to spend on a timeshare particularly now that they know maintaining a timeshare can be financially draining. And because of that, timeshare re-sellers require a fee for their service. Some also ask some of the sale. So it might be best to talk about the payment scheme first before you eventually handle the company. And do not forget to commit to a contract with the company delegates.

Renting Out Your Timeshare

If you think you can still use your timeshare in the succeeding years, you can choose to just lease it out. That way, you can offset a little of the maintenance fee and still own the package. Just take into account that you still need to pay the upkeep costs and special assessments for the rest of the year.

You can then approach a timeshare rental company. Know that most timeshare re-sellers also offer timeshare rentals, so that you can check with any one of these corporations. Such service can also cost much so don’t expect to earn from it.

Transferring your Timeshare

If you need to get rid of the vacation package fast, the best company to approach is a timeshare transfer company. They offer the service of transferring the contract name to another. It’s the contract that generally decides the ownership of the timeshare. So if the contract is under your name, it is automatic the fiscal responsibilities are yours also.

There are a number of companies who offer this approach to get rid of your timeshare. It is with much hope that you meet legal and trustworthy firms. 2 timeshare fake corporations also exist so your attention is mandatory. Cope with trusty corporations for you to be in a position to enjoy real timeshare relief.

A truly trustworthy company is Transfer America. They are dedicated in helping out as many timeshare owners as they can and still continue to do so today.


Escape Your Timeshare

According to industry stats, it is estimated that three million USA citizens sit through a timeshare sales show every year. It is also estimated that Two hundred and fifty thousand actually buy their own timeshare each calendar year. But is a timeshare actually a fair deal for the average holidaying family? .

In any discourse of timeshares, many of us may be reminded of the South Park episode where the boys ‘ folks went to a timeshare weekend. The thoughts of others may wonder to the episode of Family Guy, where the area attended a timeshare sales display and Peter took the empty box instead of the valuable awards offered to him.

Let’s face it, the timeshare industry has been the target of many jokes over the years, and has had more than its proper share of bad press over the years. But, are the feedback fair?

Industry Feedback

When this industry was younger, the feedback were more than fair. In the early days of this industry, underhand corporations would sell timeshares on resorts that had yet to be built. After a successful sales season ( yes, this industry is seasonal, closing most sales from June to August ), the sales company would abscond with the cash and purchasers would be out their investment.

Recently, the resort industry has been made to clean up its sales practices by both government and consumers. But even today, some timeshare selling corporations are still getting into trouble.

In October of 2008, Pennsylvania’s Lawyer General filed a suit against a Florida timeshare selling company for deceptive advertising practices. It must be emphasized this suit was not against the industry, nor its sales offering, but rather against individual selling corporations for fraudulent sales practices.

But Are Timeshares A Quality investment For Most Holiday makers?

Honestly, the solution to that particular question is that it depends on the goals of the buyer and the precise details of the individual timeshare exchange.

“Purchasing timeshare may be the neatest thing a vacationer has ever done, but it can also be a massive mistake,” asserted Lisa Ann Schreier, owner of ( ). As a previous timeshare salesman, she has great insight into this industry. Schreier continued, “With the median cost of a timeshare in the States being approximately $13,000, it’s crucial that people understand precisely what timeshare is and whether or not it’s right for them before they make a purchase decision.”

On the one hand, a timeshare is attractive in that you can obtain access to a half-a-million dollar apartment ( $13,000 x 52 weeks ), for a standard buying cost of $13,000. But the cheap price isn’t a deal purchase for every buyer.

What it boils down to is this : if you can take the same week for vacation each year, and you need to go to the same destination year-after-year then a timeshare might be a great holiday investment package for you.

However if you cannot be certain that you’ll have the same week each year, or if you like the destination, but wouldn’t wish to be tied to a particular vacation location, then you should not buy a timeshare.

Of course, there are resorts that offer variations on the straight same week, same location offer ( some resorts have multiple locations ), but you’ll need to ensure that your timeshare plan makes that kind of offer, and get it in writing before putting a signature on the check.

Give Transfer America a call if you wish to get rid of your timeshare. They have helped thousands of timeshare owners and they are just waiting to hear from you too!


The Cons and Pros of Timeshare Ownership

Timeshares are now a enormous discussion in this time. But to actually understand timeshares you have to know the benefits and disadvantages of it. In this article, we’ll go over all of the good points and bad points related to timeshares so you can make the right decision for you and your family. If you decided to get a timeshare in the past and wish to eliminate it, contact Transfer America today. They have helped many timeshare owners and they can help you as well.


1. Saves cash

The acquisition of a timeshare ensures that you’ve got a place to vacation at each single year. Over the span of your lifetime you may just be able to economize because you won’t be coughing up for hotel rooms each time you holiday.

Two. Different Vacation Locations

Some timeshares are bought at a particular location and the purchaser is only ready to visit that location each year. Nonetheless there are more timeshares that allow you to select which destination you want to visit nationally or worldwide. In these cases your family and you get to go to different places each year instead of the same one.

Three. More Vacation Space

Unit sizes are generally pretty big. Most timeshares have a kitchen, living room and two bedrooms. This means that you are able to take along more family members. Sometimes these units also include a washer and dryer so that you can save money on dry cleaning.

Four. More cost effective than a vacation home

Holidays are usually quite pricey. In addition to the price you alone are answerable for the upkeep of the property while not in use. If your family and you only take vacations once or twice a year, timeshares make a lot more sense than purchasing a second home.

5. Potential Second Income

Many times if a person is unable to use their timeshare they try and lease it out to people. This way your fees are covered for the year.


1. No Rise in value

Unlike property, timeshares don’t increase in value. It is quite the reverse actually. Timeshare usually depreciate in worth like cars. So the $20,000 or so you spend on your timeshare may continue to depreciate in worth till you sell it.

Two. Almost Impossible to Resell

With the quantity of timeshares on the current market, it is almost impossible to re-sell your timeshare. At this time, there are way more sellers then there are buyers. Many timeshare owners are so desperate to sell their timeshare that they try to sell it on EBay for $1 or maybe worse, giving it away absolutely free.

Three. Annual fees / Maintenance fees

On top of our 1st purchase price you are responsible in paying yearly maintenance charges. Resorts may be able to bill timeshare owners for any type of maintenance or reworking ( i.e. Resources, real-estate taxes, appliance repairs, housekeeping, and so on. ).

4. Options are Limited

When trying to book your holiday week the sooner you do it the better. Availability is first come first serve and it is quite difficult to book the week you need. You will be contesting with other families on who gets the timeshare during prime time.

5. Cash Problems

When you get a timeshare it guarantees that you’ve a holiday spot each year which means you are paying in advance for all of the vacations you’ll be taking. Nevertheless what if you are unable to holiday one year and nobody will hire out your timeshare? You fundamentally lose money. So on top of all the yearly charges resorts are making you pay, you’re also making regular payments to repay your timeshare ( unless you purchase the timeshare up-front ).


I Spy .. An Imposter

Due to the vacation season many timeshare owners are trying to get rid of their timeshares immediately. Many hope the money they save from selling their timeshare will help them thru the season. However, in the world today, unethical business practices can be discovered everywhere. An article on PRLeap shows exactly that.

Timeshare owners around the globe are made contact with every day by organizations who try to sell them their services through the telephone. These corporations will do whatever it takes to convince timeshare owners to make an upfront payment for an empty guarantee. Telemarketers are intensely talented in convincing these owners that there is a consumer waiting to purchase their timeshare, but they should make a tiny payment first for the data to be given.

On the other hand, latterly, timeshare owners have been informed about the many methods scammers use to make a few bucks and are not as easily fooled as they were before. It’s not till later the owners understand that they’ve been conned and the company / organisation has utterly disappeared. Timeshare owners have learned ways to research a company before coughing up for their services.

One major issue for conmen and con artists is that they have no credibility because they do not have a property broker’s license. They’d also lack the capability to get one because of their shoddy past. As a result of this, conmen have taken their efforts to greater heights. They are now posing as imposters by using the names of licensed, credible timeshare resale brokers. The imposter ( con artist ) will push the timeshare owner into checking for themselves the legality of the company while they’re on the phone. By employing this strategy, they have convinced timeshare owners that making an front-loaded fee is necessary so as to get their timeshare sold.

Transfer America is a company that is dedicated in helping timeshare owners in their moment of desperation. They understand what it means to be frustrated at something you cannot get out of. Give them a call and see what they can do for you.

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Wasting Money on a Timeshare

A lady from North Carolina was extremely upset because she couldn’t get out of her timeshare. The firm that sold her the timeshare had allegedly stated that she would be well placed to get out of the timeshare if she didn’t desire it. But when the time came the company refused to buy the timeshare back. Latoya Straford attempted many times to contact the company for a refund with no results. She hit another road block when she hired another company to help her get out of her timeshare.

Straford had acquired a Wyndham Resort timeshare with her partner on pure impulse. The timeshare cost $18,000 and at the time she suspected it might be a great investment for future vacations. But when they returned home and tried to cancel within the five day cancelation cut-off point she was turned down. Straford tried to contact Wyndham but she could not find anyone that would help her cancel the timeshare contract.

When she finally chatted with a Wyndham representative they told her that this was too late to cancel and that she should begin to make her monthly payments for the timeshare. The payments came out to be $400 a month on top of $750 of the $1,500 company fee. After contacting Wyndham resorts, a speaker said that though Straford didn’t cancel in the cancelation deadline they might make an exception and let her out of the timeshare contract. Straford now advises other consumers to not get a timeshare on impulse because in the end it is simply a lot of debt.

Transfer America is a great company to turn to if you truly wish to get out of your timeshare contract. They have helped thousands of people and they can help you too.


New Florida Bill Effective July 1

Last week the new Florida Bill made to tighten up on timeshare crime was signed and will most likely be effective July First. The state Solicitor General Pam Bondi made this bill after receiving thousands of complaints from timeshare owners who lost thousands of greenbacks to timeshare scam artists. The new state law is meant to protect timeshare owners from underhand enterprises who are looking to resell their timeshares.

Before the inception of the bill, federal prosecutors have gone after the industry’s top company management who are accountable for timeshare resale fraud. One former executive was charged with a fifteen year sentence for being concerned in a timeshare resale scheme.

Pam Bondi commented, “By bracing Florida’s timeshare resale laws and concentrating on marketing and advertising practices, we are able to protect timeshare owners from underhand companies that can attempt to scam them during the resale process.”

Just last year, they received over twelve thousand timeshare grumbles round the country. The grouses all had similar stories. The timeshare owners / sellers received calls from telemarketers who promised to help them find a customer for their timeshare property. All the owner had to do was pay closing costs or title fees up front before any extra information might be released. However, with the new law, corporations will no longer be in a position to indicate that they’ve got a customer waiting without providing the purchaser’s name and address. The law also strengthens the customers’ capability to cancel.

A company who truly helps timeshare owners is Transfer America. Transfer America has been helping timeshare owners escape their timeshare contract for a while. They have already helped thousands and still continue to this day.


Disney Saves Four Adrift off the Florida Coast

Transfer America reports on a Disney cruise ship that saved four men found adrift of the Florida coast. The men were adrift in a small raft when they were spotted signaling for help.  Disney Fantasy was sailing to the Grand Cayman from Florida when they spotted the raft on May 27th. The crew members were able to bring the men aboard the ship and provided them with food, water and medical attention.

The men are believed to be Cuban refugees and it remains unclear as to what will happen when the cruise ship arrives at the Grand Cayman. A spokesperson from Disney made a statement saying, “We have notified the U.S. Coast Guard of this rescue and we are working with the proper authorities to coordinate the debarkation of the group … It would be up to those authorities to determine next steps.”

This is not the first incident where a cruise ship saves those stranded at sea. The Oasis of the Seas of Royal Caribbean saved twenty-three Cuban refugees in April off the coast of Mexico. In March, the Star Princess failed to rescue three fishermen adrift in the Pacific.


Lawsuit Against Princess Cruise Lines

A Panamanian man, who was recently rescued at sea, hired a lawyer to sue Princess Cruise Lines for negligence. Allegedly, the cruise line did not help their disabled boat out at sea, which resulted in the death of his two companions.  The man, Adrian Vazquez, survived twenty-eight adrift at sea because their motor had broken on their boat. On day sixteen, they cross the path of the cruise ship and screamed for help. However, the ship did not stop and hope was lost. Vazquez’s lawyer, Attorney Edna Ramos, has filed a lawsuit in a Florida state court.

Transfer America hopes that everyone is safe in their travels.


Dalian International Airport Hires Cheerleaders

The Dalian International Airport has recently recruited a group of cheerleaders to entertain passengers who are waiting for their next flight. The squad would be performing at the airport’s main hall with amazing splits, jumps and kicks. Just last week, a string of delays had passengers irritated and angered. The cheerleaders were able to perform routines that “soothed emotion and alleviated fatigue for more than 5,000 stranded fliers”.

The cheerleaders were also brought on to provide more convenience for passengers as well as an effort to demonstrate spirit. In addition to cheerleaders, the airport has also launched other innovate services such as instant flight and weather updates and free physical checkups.

Though there is no schedule to when the cheerleaders are to perform, they have at least one performance a day that lasts several hours.

An airport official, Zhen Qun, commented, “The cheerleaders are enrolled in different colleges in Dalian. We hire them on a work-for-study program. The performance is free of charge for passengers.”

The Dalian International Airport is one of the biggest airports in China and is also the fourth busiest. The airport handled approximately 12 million passengers last year and still continues to do so. Due to the restricted airspace and weather, this airline constantly experiences delays as well as schedule changes. This reason alone is why the airport is trying to sooth passengers by entertaining them during their delays.

To those who wish to travel to China but are unable to do so because of a timeshare, contact Transfer America today.


Scientific Experiment: The Crash of Boeing 727

A group of television producers who work for the Discovery Channel recently crashed a Boeing 727 in the name of science. According to the press release, the plane was guided toward an isolated part of Mexico’s Sonoran Desert. After guiding the plane into the specified area, the pilot ejected from the aircraft just before the jet crashed.

The press release stated, “Rather than carrying passengers, the plane was packed with scientific experiments, including crash test dummies. Dozens of cameras recorded the crash from inside the aircraft, on the ground, in chase planes and even on the ejecting pilot’s helmet.”

The executive vice president of public relations at the Discovery Network commented, “Scientists and veteran crash investigators will review the results of the crash. The company is not releasing the names of the experts at this time.”

The goal of crashing such an aircraft is to improve survival rates if such an incident occurs. The Federal Aviation Administration was not involved in the experiment but has certain specifications in which the network would have to abide by.

To those who wish to rid themselves of their timeshare contact Transfer America and talk to a representative today.